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Relax and have fun at Feragne Villa with our exclusive bride's tips!

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Bride and her bridesmaids
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Relax, go with the flow- No matter how much you plan, there might be something that doesn't go the way you planned. But that's okay! Don't get caught up in perfection. Sometimes imperfect moments can become the highlight of your wedding day. Resolve to have fun at your wedding no matter what happens and without a doubt, you will have a fantastic event. 

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​So much goes into planning a wedding that sometimes it can feel like a larger than life event. When your wedding day rolls around there will be so many things to remember, so many details to attend to before you finally say your "I do's". With so much to keep track of brides and grooms can feel very stressed on their wedding day. Instead of enjoying their wedding, they spend the whole time feeling flustered because there's so much to do! But have no fear! Feragne Villa has collected and compiled time-tested advice that can help to completely avoid a stressful wedding day. This is a sample of our brides tips series to help you enjoy the fruits of your wedding day. (Subscribe to our email list to receive the series.) Here are some tips to not just survive your big day, but to actually have a blast!

Find your yes men- These are your people to whom you can say "I want to get while skydiving and have my reception outside at the south pole", and they reply "that's SO you! I love it! They obviously should be able to say no if something is dangerous or way beyond budget but trust us, they are wonderful to have.

Use your Attendants- Give your bridesmaids and groomsmen special tasks for the day of the wedding. Need help keeping track of the rings? Ask your best man to do it. Want to make sure your florist arrived with your centerpieces? Send a bridesmaid over to check it out. Remember, they are falling over themselves to help you on your wedding day, their main concern is to attend to you! That's why they are called attendants! 

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