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So much goes into planning a wedding. It can sometimes feel like a larger-than-life event. When your wedding day rolls around, there will be a huge list of things to remember and many details to attend to before you finally say your "I do's". With so much to keep track of, brides and grooms can feel very stressed on their wedding day. Instead of enjoying their wedding, they spend the whole time feeling flustered because there's so much to do. But have no fear! We have collected some time-tested advice that can help to completely avoid a stressful wedding day. Follow these tips and you'll be able to enjoy all of the fruits of your patience and hard work. Here are our tips to not just survive your big day but actually have blast!

Use Your Attendants- If you have bridesmaids or groomsmen, give them special tasks on the wedding day to make your job easier. Do you need help keeping track of the ring? Ask your best man to do it. Do you want to know if the florist has shown up with the centerpieces? Send a bridesmaid to the reception site to check it out. Remember, their main concern on the wedding day is to attend to you. It's why they're called attendants!

Be Ready for the Unexpected- Anything can happen on your wedding day. Packing a few items into an Emergency Tool Kit will help you tackle any little problem that may arise. Pack a bag with a sewing kit, a first aid kit, stain-removal wipes, breath mints, safety pins, deodorant, bobby pins, mini scissors, and double sided tape. Being prepared will help make your day easier.

Relax and Go with the Flow- No matter how much planning you do, there might be something small that doesn't exactly go the way you wanted. If something does happen, don't let it spoil your day. Sometimes they can turn into a highlight of your wedding. Resolve to have fun at your wedding no matter what happens, and without a doubt, you will have a wonderful time. Now you know our little tips to getting through your wedding day. Follow them and your big day will be easier and better than you ever thought it could be.

Relax and have fun with Feragne Villa!

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